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CEO Address

A company that creates value YUSUNG ENG. & CONST. CO., LTD

Based on the corporate philosophy of "Creating Future Value of the Plant Industry", Yusung ENG Co.,Lrd. has been growing only in the plant business since its establishment in 2007.
In addition, we endeavor to make ourselves an innovative company including following efforts to meet the diverse needs of society and customers and to secure the trust of our customers.

- Education and investment to secure excellent human resources
- Facility investment and research activities to secure technology
- Customer satisfaction by accumulated experience and technology
- Flexibility to respond to rapidly changing markets
- An open company to communicate
- A company with pride in being the best in the peer industry

In the future, Yusung ENG Co.,Ltd. are willing to be best luxury company that keeps promise with safety construction, quality compliance, construction period compliance, delivery time compliance as its top priority.
We will cooperate with our customers, and we will be a company that will reward you with the conviction that you will live as an eternal customer.
I ask for your deep affection and encouragement.